Cidoku's Earthbound Engine (AKA Stardust Engine AKA SD Engine) for Gamemaker Studio 1.4.1763 and up

I've worked on this mess of spaghetti code since 2011 and I'm finally going to release it to the public. It features most of your favorite Earthbound idiosyncracies like: It's a better version of the one featured in this video:

This engine has been released under the CPL (Cidoku Public License).

To use it, you MUST:
Credit "Cidoku" prominently in any games that you create with it. Like, in the title screen or the credits. Just don't make it seem like I'm working in your project.

NOT use any of the custom graphics included in the pack in your projects (for they may not be mine).

Send Cidoku an e-mail telling him of your project and/or uses for the engine.
I'm excited that you decided to use my code, so please contact me, so I can cheer you on! This doesn't mean you have to ask me for permission to use it.

It would be APPRECIATED:
If you, too, open sourced your game and shared any changes you made to my code back to the community. Don't be stingy, sharing is caring!

I also want to make clear that this comes with NO WARRANTY, and it's your responsibility to learn to use my code. I'm throwing it out there AS IS. I'm pretty sure you'll figure it out, because you're smart, and because there are plenty of examples to play around with.
I'd like to thank the following people, whose code I stole. You should credit them properly too.

Let me download it, lad! I'll study it and learn how it works and give you credit, I swear. I also swear to read the README script in the scripts folder!

Sure, I just want to apologise for the lack of comments throughout the code. But again, there are many examples that tell you how it all works.

Some things might be broken, too. For example, gamepad support was included but since it's very buggy, I disabled it. To enable it, uncomment the Begin Step event of objPersistent.

This is not beginner friendly.

I'm not sure if this works on Gamemaker Studio 2, and I'm not going to test it there because I don't own GMS2 and don't plan to buy it. You can sure try to get it running, though.

Download me