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Hello, thank you for taking some of your time to browse this collection and for reading this file.
This is an assorted collection of old tracks, demos, remixes, loops, etc of mine (made ca. 2010-2018). Probably won’t work on them again so I decided to throw them in here.
Since it's a lot of stuff -and it's certainly of varying quality- feel free not to listen to it at all.
If you play all tracks back to back you’ll have burned 7 hours and 42 minutes of your life, so that’s not recommended.
The tracks are ordered by length. You can find the shortest tracks at the start of the page and the lengthiest ones at the bottom.
You can expect anything from deadmau5-style prog house to electro to ambient to downtempo to noise.
Most of these tracks were never mixed properly and may sound like garbage or randomly be too loud, you've been warned.
If you’ve used FLStudio before it should be obvious which tracks most blatantly use (because all of them use them in one way or another) factory presets (an example is Seid Animak, the riff is just Sytrus’ “Growl”).
The oldest track here is Such Nonsense (made around 2010, literally one of the first I ever made).
And once again, thank you for even reading this. If there’s a track you like please tell me.

Released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)


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[SND]01 - Ready Together (Snippet).mp3 
[SND]02 - Void Soot.mp3  
[SND]03 - No More Dust (Theme Of Perseverance).mp3 
[SND]04 - Agewde.mp3  
[SND]05 - Maintenance Man And Coffee Man.mp3 
[SND]06 - Cheesy Foe.mp3  
[SND]07 - Venus At Night.mp3 
[SND]08 - Strange Waltz.mp3  
[SND]09 - Captive.mp3 
[SND]10 - Welcome To Cidokia.mp3  
[SND]11 - Her Insecurity (Alt).mp3 
[SND]12 - Inner Cidokia (Ver 2).mp3  
[SND]13 - In The Hall Of Meeman.mp3 
[SND]14 - We'll Forget.mp3  
[SND]15 - 2015-05-19.mp3 
[SND]16 - Noisy Filler.mp3  
[SND]17 - The Last Minute.mp3 
[SND]18 - Warm.mp3  
[SND]19 - Cuddle And Fall Asleep.mp3 
[SND]20 - Water Demon.mp3  
[SND]21 - Perro.mp3 
[SND]22 - Anarchy Of The Last Days.mp3  
[SND]23 - The Venusian Road.mp3 
[SND]24 - Weakling.mp3  
[SND]25 - 2017-07-26.mp3 
[SND]26 - Arthropod Shelter.mp3  
[SND]27 - Love You Okay.mp3 
[SND]28 - March Of The Dwarves.mp3  
[SND]29 - The Truth Is (Ver 1).mp3 
[SND]30 - Spacey Loop.mp3  
[SND]31 - Dear Princess (Theme Of Luna).mp3 
[SND]32 - 2017-01-27.mp3  
[SND]33 - 4 AM Stroll.mp3 
[SND]34 - No Need To Worry.mp3  
[SND]35 - Battle Against A Fast Opponent.mp3 
[SND]36 - Dear Princess (Theme Of Luna) (Alt).mp3  
[SND]37 - Naheeeaiiii.mp3 
[SND]38 - El Can.mp3  
[SND]39 - Say Goodbye Hello (Unmixed).mp3 
[SND]40 - Melodic.mp3  
[SND]41 - Friendac 2.mp3 
[SND]42 - The Truth Is (Ver 0).mp3  
[SND]43 - I'm Not A Musician.mp3 
[SND]44 - Holiday.mp3  
[SND]45 - C Star.mp3 
[SND]46 - SQUID GURL (Sweet Mix).mp3  
[SND]47 - Airport.mp3 
[SND]48 - Go Viral.mp3  
[SND]49 - A Song About A Troubled Mind.mp3 
[SND]50 - Protector.mp3  
[SND]51 - DJ Conman's Adventure.mp3 
[SND]52 - Functions And Features.mp3  
[SND]53 - Walkin.mp3 
[SND]54 - 2017-01-03.mp3  
[SND]55 - Triangles, Part 3.mp3 
[SND]56 - Metronomik (Cidoku's DJ Carpioek's Dream Remix).mp3Original by DJ Carpioek 
[SND]57 - No Experience.mp3 
[SND]58 - So Easily Disruptable.mp3  
[SND]59 - Boku No Friend (Cidoku's Boss is a Real Hero Japariwave Remix).mp3Original by Miyuhan 
[SND]60 - Lying Is Human.mp3  
[SND]61 - Hexalopolis.mp3 
[SND]62 - Broom Holder.mp3  
[SND]63 - Potpourri.mp3 
[SND]64 - God Wills It.mp3  
[SND]65 - Nirgilis Beat.mp3 
[SND]66 - Sincere Double Polygonal.mp3  
[SND]67 - All Of The World's Evil (Ver 1).mp3 
[SND]68 - Star Children.mp3  
[SND]69 - 2016-05-12.mp3 
[SND]70 - Renegade Attitudiniser.mp3  
[SND]71 - Smile Again (Ver 2).mp3 
[SND]72 - Too Tired To Think.mp3  
[SND]73 - The Truth Is (Ver 2).mp3 
[SND]74 - Ready Together (Ver 1).mp3  
[SND]75 - Nozomi.mp3 
[SND]76 - Seid Animak (Ver 2012).mp3  
[SND]77 - Until Next Time.mp3 
[SND]78 - My Love For You Is Like A Potato.mp3  
[SND]79 - Ready Together (Ver 2).mp3 
[SND]80 - Inner Cidokia (Ver 1).mp3  
[SND]81 - Journey.mp3 
[SND]82 - Splashing Acid.mp3  
[SND]83 - Afx Stole My Car.mp3 
[SND]84 - Lonely Rainy Day.mp3  
[SND]85 - Sharpsharpsharp.mp3 
[SND]86 - Sqrt(2).mp3  
[SND]87 - Such Nonsense.mp3 
[SND]88 - Santiago Nights Lights (Cidoku Remix).mp3Original by M. de Bernârd 
[SND]89 - I Scream.mp3 
[SND]90 - Fucked Up Thoughts (Cidoku Remix).mp3Original by M. de Bernârd 
[SND]91 - Modern Animal.mp3 
[SND]92 - The Magic Gambler (Ver 1).mp3  
[SND]93 - Kindness Machine.mp3 
[SND]94 - Alert 2.mp3  
[SND]95 - Rough Awakening.mp3 
[SND]96 - Shinanomachi.mp3  
[SND]97 - Acid Hypercluster.mp3 
[SND]98 - Loveletter.mp3  
[SND]99 - Nobody Expects.mp3 
[SND]100 - No Regrets.mp3  
[SND]101 - Tennis.mp3 
[SND]102 - Locked Up (Ver 1).mp3  
[SND]103 - The Rolling Synth.mp3 
[SND]104 - Nuit Eternal.mp3  
[SND]105 - When I'm No Longer Here.mp3 
[SND]106 - Locked Up (Ver 2).mp3  
[SND]107 - Neo Shinanomachi.mp3 
[SND]108 - The Last Hour.mp3  
[SND]109 - Hi-Tech.mp3 
[SND]110 - Intergalactic Romance.mp3  
[SND]111 - Confrontation House (Ver 1).mp3 
[SND]112 - Seid Animak.mp3  
[SND]113 - Laughingstock.mp3 
[SND]114 - Bluesy Tuesday (Cidoku Remix).mp3Original by Vitalic 
[SND]115 - Slodkich Slow.mp3 
[SND]116 - 8.mp3  
[SND]117 - Groove And Shit (Cidoku's Smooth House Remix).mp3Original by Splitting Cell 
[SND]118 - Slip (Cidoku Remix).mp3Original by deadmau5 
[SND]119 - Sunday Nights.mp3 
[SND]120 - Lucid Dreamz.mp3  
[SND]121 - Have You Ever Been There.mp3 
[SND]122 - Floatin.mp3  
[SND]123 - You Are Not Going Anywhere.mp3 

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