Yume Nikki's NASU minigame (SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive remake)

Exactly what it says on the banner. I was going to remake the entire game for this dead but beloved platform but it turned out to be too ambitious a project for someone with barely any knowledge of C. However, it wasn't a waste of time since I at least managed to complete NASU, objectively the most important part of Yume Nikki.

You can probably figure out the controls yourself, but if you repeatedly press C in the title screen you can cycle through the entire YN soundtrack, arranged by me, until it goes silent or crashes.
Also high scores will only be saved for the session because I could never figure out how to get SRAM working.
Big thanks to Grind for helping me with gendev back in the day, even though I got nowhere with that.

Running in Genesis Plus GX (libretro).

Download me

About that passing mention of the entire YN soundtrack.

If you have DefleMask you can listen to my humble covers of these timeless loops. Loops are, after all, some of the best music.

I tried to make the sounds as accurate as possible but the MD sound chips are limited and so was my skill (it was my first time using Deflemask and tracker software in general), so there are tons of inaccuracies.

I took plenty of liberties in some tracks, more noticeably the Aztec Monkey Monkey theme; I couldn't figure it out so I just sampled it. All songs in the pack should play as-is on actual physical hardware if I'm lucky.

Here are the tracks in video form, read the description for credits.

More downloads!